50 proven classics with conservative dynamics

One game package, multiple uses: the Gold game package offers 50 tried and tested classics that provide just as exciting entertainment in gaming venues as they do in catering establishments. This is thanks to a captivating game mix with conservative dynamics and risk-free capped payouts 

The best classics are included

  • All the book games such as "Master of Books", "Heart of Earth", "Master of Books unlimited" and many more
  • The most popular fruit games such as "Seven Seven", "Extra Win", "Seventy Seven" and many more


Breathtaking book games with unique features, exciting fruit games and many more: the Gold game package with its 50 tried and tested classics offers everything that players could wish for. And inspires in gaming venues as well as in gastronomic establishments. 


Do you have questions about the Gold game package, which combines our most popular classics? Get in touch. We will be happy to assist you with questions and all other matters regarding our game packages.