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Modular design for maximum playing enjoyment

MAXIMUS ACE is an ace with impressive features. It leaves nothing to be desired by casino or gaming operators in terms of technology and equipment. The ergonomically optimised seating position with arm rests and intuitive controls ensure a relaxed back, relieved feet and a long dwell time for gaming guests 


•    Top 32’’ HD
•    Bottom 32’’ HD touchscreen


Width 79 cm
Height 210 cm
Depth 70 cm
Weight ~ 140 kg


Available features

optionally selectable
  • Bill-Acceptor
  • Bill-Dispenser
  • Coin-Acceptor
  • Coin-Elevator
  • Coin-Hopper
  • Player and service card
  • Ticket printer (design country-specific)
  • Protocols (SAS, REAC, VDAI)
  • Licences for different countries