Gaming with incomparable flair

Slot machine for impressive gaming experiences 

MAXIMUS SLANT brings a special flair with the innovative "Ambient" lighting concept. Thanks to multicolour technology, all the LEDs of the slot machine are controlled to match the current gaming situation, creating an emotionally moving atmosphere. This takes gaming experiences to a new level.


Top 27" HD
Bottom 27" HD touch screen


Width 76.5 cm
Height 170 cm (with Toplight 180 cm)
Depth 73.5 cm
Weight ~ 150 kg


  • 3-way audio system with subwoofer
  • V2 Eagle coin acceptor
  • JCM IPRO recycler/dispenser optional with output of 2 types á 100 coins
  • Powerful Max-PC
  • Money Controls MK IV hopper
  • LED-illuminated payout tray
  • Powder-coated steel housing 2 mm with labyrinth system
  • Mains voltage 230 V +/-10%, 300 watts
  • Ambience Top-Light with game-related multicolour technology, 7 colours

Gaming comfort

  • Ergonomically optimised armrest
  • Eye-friendly tilt angle of the screen
  • Ergonomic game keys with illuminated "halo feature


  • Main flap with 3-point locking system without key
  • psmtec-Hopper manipulation plate
  • Coin validator installed offset to the slot
  • psmtec High Security encryption
  • Front and cashier door with 3-point locking and different locking security locks
  • Multi-stage gas pressure springs for optimum technician access
  • Metal labyrinth construction